Greater Lexington Paralegals Association - Lexington, Kentucky

Greater Lexington Paralegal Association

Don't forget to join us at CLE luncheon on November 18th
Florence Huffman, Esq., speaking on rights of children with disabilities


Heather Purnell, President

   Heather Purnell, RP, President

Welcome to the GLPA! I am excited to serve as your 2014 President.
Please feel free to email me at with any suggestions for this year!


GLPA Awards - 2013

Tammy Smith, CKP, Don Eppler Award

Melanie Sennett, President's Award

Morgain Sprague, Outstanding Speaker Award

Taft McKinstry, Most Supportive Attorney

Fowler Bell, PLLC, Most Supportive Law Firm

Tammy Smith, Pace Scholarship Winner


Our Mission:
The purpose and goals of the GLPA are to:

Promote the paralegal profession.

Provide seminars for the continuing legal education of paralegals.

Act as a forum for the exchange of information.

Promote and support professional standards.

Communicate with the legal community and the general public.

Participate in local and national issues that affect the profession.