Philanthropy – Giving Back to Veterans

GLPA will be collecting items to donate to veterans living at Thomson Hood Veterans Center in Wilmore.  At every CLE through December of this year, there will be a donation box for anyone who would like to donate items that will be given directly to veterans at the Veterans Center in Wilmore. You may also bring donations to the July Anniversary Luncheon and December Awards Luncheon.  You can give items directly to me or simply place in donation box provided.  I have provided a list of items below that have been requested by residents of the Veterans Center.
  • Summer fun games i.e. water balloons, squirt guns, squirt noodles, garden toss games
  • Men’s straw hats
  • AA Batteries
  • Little Debbie Snacks
  • Puff Corn
  • Soap Holders
  • Hand held mirrors
  • Men’s aftershave lotion
  • Gospel CD’s
  • Bluegrass CD’s
  • Welcome Mylar balloons
  • Cell phone pouches with strap that goes over shoulder
Let’s all join and show our support and appreciation for the sacrifice their service required. If you have questions, please contact our Philanthropy Chair, Tammy Martinez, at

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